Data Protection Lab

Data Protection Lab

Love them or hate them, the GDPR and other data protection laws are here to stay. We’re there to help legal teams tackle the huge volume of work and bottlenecks in compliance workstreams.

DP Lab

What is Data Protection Lab?

We not only master the complex legal requirements, we also translate them into pragmatic and acceptable solutions. We are on a mission to make GDPR compliance a (painless) reality. Our holistic approach starts with a thorough understanding of each client’s uniqueness.


We’ve got your back when it comes to:

  • Compliance check

  • Roadmap

  • Implementation of roadmap through policies, procedures, training, etc.

  • Hotline and day-to-day support

Uplevel your data protection

Data protection regulations can seem complex and dry, but ignoring them is not an option. Our goal is to demystify this complexity and help you grasp these regulations more easily.

We take the hassle out of your journey towards compliance by walking you through a practical GDPR implementation roadmap. From handling data breaches and data subject requests, to drafting privacy policies and getting data processing agreements signed — we take care of everything.

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Data Protection Lab

Want to read the full interview with Laurine Delforge, head of the Data Protection Lab? Learn more about what separates the Data Protection Lab from other legal service providers and what she’s cooking up there.

Why choose us?

Numerous companies have already trusted us with their data protection needs. This is why they went with us:


We blend in seamlessly

Why choose between outsourcing and in-house options when you can have the best of both worlds? We work as in-house experts, collaborating closely with the business.


We work as a team

Although you have your single point of contact, we always come as a team. If an urgency or specific type of expertise requires a colleague to step in, they’ll do it in a heartbeat.


We focus on what counts

Full compliance is a myth. We take calculated risks without leaving anything to chance. Our focus is always on what matters most to you and we prioritize our efforts on areas where the risks are higher.


We flow with your process

Some things you would rather do yourself, and others you need help with. We don’t need any volume guarantees. You’re free to choose the level of service that works for you and your budget.

in the spotlight

As part of its customer service, Weba wants to ensure that customer data is processed securely in line with GDPR. The company had already implemented the GDPR requirements thoroughly but wanted to make sure everything was still up to date and wanted to verify whether certain processes could be fine-tuned.

Hear it from our clients

We asked our clients to give their opinions about working with Ask Q.

  • Ask Q offers a truly customized solution. Since we do not have a dedicated in-house legal team and our legal needs may fluctuate over time, Ask Q’s flexible, on-demand solution is exactly what we need.

    Bart Decoster

    Bart Decoster

    CEO of Ads & Data

Our clients

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