Why work with us

Are you a legal professional with excellent skills and a can-do attitude? We’re constantly on the lookout for new game-changers with a variety of legal backgrounds. Join a team where no two days are the same, while enjoying the full support of Ask Q.

We offer an unconventional working environment where you get the space to innovate and experiment. Challenge the status quo, try something new, and share your learnings with the team. Everybody brings their own expertise and experiences to the table and takes ownership and responsibility. Develop your legal and non-legal skills and grow with us.

You are in charge

That’s why we flip the recruitment procedure.

askq-youareincharge You are in charge
askq-itsourjobtoconvinceyou It’s our job to convince you
askq-itsyourprecioustime It’s your precious time

You will learn more about why we are different, zig-zagging careers, working in a legal start-up, what a typical day at Ask Q looks like, and so on. You will get to know us without any obligation from your side, and it's up to you whether we will also get to know you.

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About our application process

Ask Q likes to question classic assumptions. That is what we do for our clients, and it’s also how we approach recruitment. We believe in building a strong Ask Q family.

We hire slow. We take the time to get to know you. And we offer you the time and space to get to know us better before you make the switch. Not only will you be in touch with the hiring manager, you’ll also get to chat with team members during a coffee break or a walk in the park.


Apply right away

No time to waste? Have a look at our career opportunities and send us your CV.

Spontaneous application

Send your resume if you want to become a legal consultant at Ask Q.

Life at the Ask Q office

Most people work two to three days in the office, the rest from wherever they choose. Sometimes we work from our clients’ offices, though not often. Some people work at their desk, others in our kitchen area or on the sofa. Since our team includes legal experts from all over the world, we mostly communicate in English.

HR insight in
the spotlight

A new generation of lawyers wants to break free. Climbing the traditional career ladder in a law firm or legal department doesn’t work for them. They prefer zigging and zagging across different industries, specializations and competencies. Ask Q embraces the zigzag career path.