Legal Operations Lab

Legal Operations Lab

More and more legal teams are reaching their limits. Working harder or hiring faster used to do the trick, but these solutions no longer cut it. Our Legal Operations Lab helps you to look at longstanding problems through a new lens.

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What is Legal Operations Lab?

We help run the legal department as a separate business unit, making it more efficient and scalable. We focus on sourcing strategies, knowledge management and implementing new technology. Leave it to us for:

  • Choice and implementation of new legal tech

  • Optimize document management with existing tools

  • Efficient sharing of know-how

  • Playbooks

Uplevel your legal operations

Legal Operations has become a transformative force in the legal landscape. We cut through the noise and focus on implementing meaningful change that delivers measurable results. We know change isn’t always easy. That’s why we ensure a smooth transition and keep your team enthusiastic from start to end.

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Is your legal team ready to embrace AI?

The legal industry is poised for a transformative era driven by the integration of AI technologies. We demystify the process and present a structured approach to assist legal teams with adopting (Generative) AI.

askq-triangle-yellow Legal research and knowledge base
askq-triangle-dark_dark_green Document drafting and review
askq-triangle-light_green Automating repetitive processes

Our three takeaways:


  • Always look at the process first. If you digitize a broken process through AI, you will only get a digitized broken process.
  • Do your homework. Before implementing AI solutions, ensure that internal data and know-how are optimised.
  • Decide on a governance model. Do you let your team experiment ad-hoc, or do you want to define specific use cases or both? Make an active choice.

Book your call with legal AI experts Stephaan Cloet and Rémy Bonnaffé now and learn more about their three-step approach: Exploration, Roadmap, and Implementation. Future-proofing and follow-up with your team are guaranteed. 

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Insight about
legal GenAI

Why your dusty database is due for a thorough spring cleaning and upgrade, and what are Ask Q's recommendations?

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Legal Operations Lab

Want to read the full interview with Rémy Bonnaffé, head of the Legal Operations Lab? Learn more about what separates the Legal Operations Lab from other legal service providers and what Rémy's cooking up there.

Why choose us?

More and more companies trust us with their transformation projects. Here’s why they went with us:


We manage expectations

It’s easy to talk big and overlook the daily pressures and obstacles. We take a different path. We translate existing challenges into tangible solutions that work within a reasonable timeframe.


We put process before tech

The array of new legal tech offerings can be overwhelming. Our focus is on establishing lean and optimized processes before introducing new legal tech solutions.


We stay until it's done

Sharing our insights is only 10% of the work. We stay on board until the other 90% has been implemented. We actively implement the roadmap, following up on the project management and achieving the key results we presented.


We've been there

We’ve all worked as lawyers or in-house counsel ourselves, so we know what we’re talking about. We know what made us enthusiastic and also what demotivated us. That is why ‘getting things done’ always prevails over complex consultancy methodology.

in the spotlight

Recognizing the importance of performant knowledge management, Gimv Legal asked Ask Q to assist in further developing its knowledge management. Gimv’s request was twofold: implement digital tools that make optimal use of the Office 365 context and produce and consolidate (existing tacit) legal knowledge.

Hear it from our clients

We asked our clients to give their opinions about working with Ask Q.

  • Ask Q’s offering was truly unique, in the sense that I have not come across any other service provider that can offer both the legal expertise and the technical and operational knowledge in an integrated way. This unique combination guaranteed the successful implementation of this rather complex digital transformation project.

    Edmond Bastijns_Transparent

    Edmond Bastijns

    Chief Legal Officer at Gimv

Our clients

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