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We help legal teams thrive by filling in the gaps, eliminating bottlenecks and allowing you to focus on what matters most.

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We know your challenges

We’ve been there: we know how easy it is to get overwhelmed by routine or complex tasks while your high-value work gets pushed back. We’re there to strengthen your team and help you conquer challenges like:


Commercial contract work causing bottlenecks


Temporary capacity problems that burn out your team


Complex and tedious Data Protection legislation


Properly implementing legal innovation

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Is your legal team ready to embrace AI?

The legal industry is poised for a transformative era driven by the integration of AI technologies. We demystify the process and present a structured approach to assist legal teams with adopting (Generative) AI.

askq-triangle-yellow Legal research and knowledge base
askq-triangle-dark_dark_green Document drafting and review
askq-triangle-light_green Automating repetitive processes

Our three takeaways:


  • Always look at the process first. If you digitize a broken process through AI, you will only get a digitized broken process.
  • Do your homework. Before implementing AI solutions, ensure that internal data and know-how are optimised.
  • Decide on a governance model. Do you let your team experiment ad-hoc, or do you want to define specific use cases or both? Make an active choice.

Book your call with legal AI experts Stephaan Cloet and Rémy Bonnaffé now and learn more about their three-step approach: Exploration, Roadmap, and Implementation. Future-proofing and follow-up with your team are guaranteed. 

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Join our team

Are you a legal professional with excellent skills and a can-do attitude? We’re constantly on the lookout for new game-changers with a variety of legal backgrounds. Join a team where no two days are the same, while enjoying the full support of Ask Q.

We offer an unconventional working environment where you get the space to innovate and experiment. Challenge the status quo, try something new, and share your learnings with the team. Everybody brings their own expertise and experiences to the table and takes ownership and responsibility. Develop your legal and non-legal skills and grow with us.

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Hear it from our clients

Ask Q works for more than 50 customers in Pharma, FMCG, Retail, Finance, Technology, Media, Consultancy, and much more.

  • Ask Q’s offering was truly unique, in the sense that I have not come across any other service provider that can offer both the legal expertise and the technical and operational knowledge in an integrated way. This unique combination guaranteed the successful implementation of this rather complex digital transformation project.

    Edmond Bastijns_Transparent

    Edmond Bastijns

    Chief Legal Officer - Secretary General at Gimv

  • Ask Q offers a truly customized solution. Since we do not have a dedicated in-house legal team and our legal needs may fluctuate over time, Ask Q’s flexible, on-demand solution is exactly what we need.

    Bart Decoster

    Bart Decoster

    CEO of Ads & Data

  • Ask Q is unique and offered the ideal solution for the problem we were facing. Ask Q’s offering combines the legal know-how and expertise of a law firm with the proximity, the availability and the business-minded approach of a legal counsel.


    Philippine De Wolf

    General Counsel Spadel

Why choose us

We’re dedicated to reinventing legal departments as we know them. By thinking in terms of solutions, not just services. Here’s how we change the game for you:


We come as a team

There are no solo players at Ask Q. Not only do we have a huge amount of expertise on board, we constantly share it with each other to come up with customized solutions.


We get things done

We go beyond consultancy talk compiled in memos and powerpoints. All our advice is translated into actionable steps and implemented.


We’re at your side

We’ve been in your shoes, and we’re here to make your team stronger. We adapt our working methods to each client and collaborate closely to improve business results.


With a smile

We hand-pick the legal talents who go the extra mile and offer them an environment that makes them work with a smile. That smile forms part of the services our experts provide and comes as a given.

in the spotlight

Spadel asked Ask Q to fill the temporary gap in the legal team since the group legal counsel was absent for a period of four months.

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