Why Ask Q promotes a zigzagging career?

Why Ask Q promotes a zigzagging career?


A new generation of lawyers wants to break free. Climbing the traditional career ladder in a law firm or legal department doesn’t work for them. They prefer zigging and zagging across different industries, specializations and competencies. Ask Q embraces the zigzag career path. Ask Q’s entrepreneur in residence, Dieter Honoré explains.


A new generation of lawyers wants 
to break free.

The classical career path doesn’t work for an increasing number of lawyers, and they don’t like the comfort zone and believe that outside is where the magic happens. In other words, they don’t want to become one of those hyper specialists who knows all about one specific dot in the legal field, and they prefer to become someone who can connect the dots rather than being a one-dot expert.

This new generation doesn’t have a problem with a career ladder as such. They show ambition and love the idea of climbing a ladder, but they don’t like the fact that the ladder is put against the same (law firm) wall each day. Instead, they’d rather move it and put it against another wall every once and then. These are, therefore, the typical reasons why an increasing number of legal people are opting to pursue a zigzag career path.


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