Get to know Stephaan Cloet

Get to know the new co-head of our Legal Operations Lab: Stephaan Cloet

Legal Operations Lab


Prepare to be impressed by the newest addition to Ask Q: Stephaan Cloet. Stephaan isn’t an unknown name in the legal tech world – quite the contrary. During his tenure at Linklaters, he spearheaded the development of generative AI tools that revolutionized legal research capabilities. 



Stephaan led the implementation of Legal Tech solutions that streamline operations and improve legal project management. Additionally, he successfully launched two Legal Tech start-ups (in his spare time), demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking. He will collaborate closely with Rémy Bonnaffé and our Legal Operations team, which plays a crucial role in driving legal innovation in Belgium and beyond. The Lab serves as a hub for developing and implementing cutting-edge legal technologies and providing strategic advice on legal operations and project management.

What’s your background? 

“Most recently, I was responsible for Legal Operations and Innovation at Linklaters in Belgium. There, I learned and implemented a lot on the law firm side. My team and I were responsible for anything related to generative AI, Legal Tech, and Legal Project Management.

I also created two Legal Tech start-ups: Jurintel (generative AI legal content search) and I manage both in my spare time. I love working on ‘side-projects’ like these and am constantly on the lookout for new ideas to implement.”

Why did you choose Ask Q? 

“I spent the entirety of my professional and academic career at the crossroads of legal, business and IT. I have master's degrees in business and law and taught myself a lot about IT.

Ask Q is a leader in game-changing alternative legal services. Their Legal Operations offering not only leads the market but continues to gain momentum, revolutionizing the landscape.

I am an entrepreneur at heart. In my free time, I created and managed a regulatory tracking tool. I very much look forward to introducing new services as the legal market evolves.”

What challenges do you see in the market today? 

“Technology disrupts how we work and which expectations are placed on legal teams. But legal professionals often face a paradox: they need more time or specialized expertise to focus on time-saving technologies and new working methods.

That’s precisely where our Legal Operations Lab steps in. Our role is to support legal counsels by helping them bridge the gap between the current and new way of working.

It’s hard to keep up with the exponential growth of technology. Even I find it difficult – and I work on this stuff daily. You can imagine the struggle of someone with an entirely different job (like legal work).

The buzz around generative AI outpaces its practical applications. But its capabilities will catch up eventually.” 

What separates the Legal Operations Lab from others? 

“We all have a legal background and a deep understanding of our clients' businesses. On top of that, we have amassed extensive experience in Legal Operations, innovation, and tech at prominent law firms and institutions.

Instead of chasing the latest trends, we focus on maximizing the capabilities of your current IT infrastructure. We avoid unnecessary expenses by exploring the power of tools you already possess.

We cut through the noise with clear, actionable recommendations. We value transparency and simplicity, ensuring our clients receive straightforward advice – without all the consulting fluff.

Finally, we know that true transformation is about more than technology. It’s about people, processes, and effective change management to drive sustainable improvements.”

What does the future look like? 

“No one knows. And that’s where Ask Q comes in: to future-proof legal teams in an ever-evolving world with changing expectations, so they stay ahead of the curve.

I look forward to working with Rémy Bonnaffé as the Legal Operations Lab co-head. Remy and his team are paving the way for legal innovation in Belgium and the rest of the world.

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